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Our newly built lead-free UPVC cattery is a state of the art design which is fully enclosed and thermostatically controlled to meet the new 5 star standard for licenced catteries. Each pen is designed for up to 2 cats except 1 which can house a family of 4. Observation shelves provide a view across the countryside and built in ramps help our elderly cats to second level shelves. During summer months the front of the cattery can be opened up to the elements to allow it to feel like being outside but can be enclosed in cold wet weather to ensure everyone is snug and warm. Internally, pens are fitted with ceiling-mounted IR heating and extraction fans to ensure a comfortable consistent temperature and manage hot & cold days. Each pen has vet bed bedding, cat beds, scratching posts and cat litter trays provided for during your cat’s stay, additional vet bed is on the observation shelf to ensure your cats are comfy as they gaze across the open countryside.

During their stay cats must have an up to date vaccination/titre test certificate for feline infectious rhinotracheitis, calicivirus infection and feline panleucopaenia. We ask that you bring vaccination certificates in on your first visit and we will copy them and keep on file so that you do not need to bring them to every visit unless vaccinations have required a booster update. No cats will be accepted without these vaccinations regardless of a booking as it is a requirement of our licence and ensures everyone is safe. If in any doubt, please call your vets and check, as some vaccinations such as primary courses have to be given weeks in advance of their stay.

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Price List

Per Pen 

All prices are charged from first day in to last day inclusive. Collections on a weekday morning have a discount applied to remove the last day. This discount does not apply to weekends & bank holidays.

One Cat

£13.20 Per Day

Inc VAT.

Two Cats

£20.40 Per Day

Inc VAT.

Three Cats

£26.40 Per Day

Inc VAT.

Four Cats

£30 Per Day

Inc VAT.

Please Note that we require pets to be up to date with their vaccinations before their stay. For cats this would be FELINE VIRAL RHINOTRACHEITIS, CALICIVIRUS INFECTION AND FELINE PANLEUCOPAENIA

Prices valid from 1st March 2024

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